Soft Shell Jackets And Their Applications In Different Weather Conditions

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Softshell clothing is made of a smooth-faced, stretchy, tightly-woven fabric that generally comprises of nylon blended with elastane. They are well-known for their non-interventionist range of motion, body-hugging fit, superb breathability, wind and water resistance, softness and often trendy look. Nowadays,  soft shells quickly became a well-liked alternative to traditional hard shell clothing as well as fleece outfits like the Polartec Classic jackets. Today ample variety of soft shells are available to suit a wide range of conditions and purposes. In this article, we’ll take a look at assorted soft shells that can be found on and discuss their potential applications.

Lightweight Softshells jacket
The lightweight soft shell falls somewhere on the margin between a shirt and jacket, no matter what you call this, it really works well as a cover-up against the blistering sun and constant wind that characterize high-altitude summer. It can also be worn on the beach as the sun sets an the rigid onshore breeze blow in. For winter active cool days these lightweight, soft shells are great. In fast moving winter day during hiking in the Green Mountains, you can wear a base layer or power stretch type of top for the forested part of hiking and then pull out one of these jackets when you strike the above treeline winds. This works well for temperatures in the 30s and 20s and for more  for more intense cold, you may want to put in a down jacket to pull on through rest stops. The lightweight, soft shells pack down small and are simply stored in your pack when the time calls for that extra insulating layer on a mild winter day.

Midweight Softshells jacket
These are winter layer and you can wear it all day, rather than take in and out of your pack. Midweight soft shells are the best choice for hiking, cross country skiing, or to just wear around the town, they will give you comfort and style.

Heavyweight Softshells
Stuffing everything from high-loft fleece linings to powder skirts, the soft shells in this category are stout and strong. They are designed to deliver as much warmth and protection from the harsh weather as soft shell possibly can, with fuzzy fleece inside and a heavyweight wind stopping fabric outside.  For high altitude mountain climbing the heavy duty soft shells can be the keystone of a great layering system. Start out with a merino wool base layer, put in a mid-weight fleece pullover, then put on a heavyweight softshell jacket and you should be good to go for a long day of hiking and climbing.

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