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What is bamboo fabric
Bamboo fabric is a natural fabric made from the pulp of bamboo grass. Nowadays this fabric is gaining popularity due to its unique properties and it is more sustainable as compared to other textile fibers. The use of bamboo fabric in clothing was a 20th century development established by several Chinese corporations. Bamboo fiber is an innovative new fabric that has unmatched advantages, including versatility, strength and supreme softness. Few of the environmental benefits of bamboo fabric are.

Cleans the air
There are countless benefits of bamboo fabric one of them is it provides clean air to breathe, it consumes carbon dioxide  and returns 30% more oxygen to the atmosphere.

Requires less energy, water to grow
Like other trees and plants, bamboo takes less energy to grow and sustain. Its plantation requires very little maintenance. It also requires very little water and can survive in deficiency condition as well as flooding.

Grow without pesticides
Due to its own anti-bacterial agent, bamboo can grow without pesticides and chemicals.

Harvested Sustainably
Bamboo is a rapidly growing plant on the planet, making it a high yield renewable source, it can be harvested annually and is able to complete the renewal without need to replant.

100% biodegradable
Like other synthetic fibers which incorporates petroleum additives, bamboo is safe for community disposal programs, whether by landfill or incineration.

Why wear Bamboo Fabric
The bamboo fabric is used for a wide range of clothing such as T-shirts, tank tops, dresses, socks and slacks, due to lots of benefits the bamboo fabric is ideal for active wear. Few of the benefits are as follows.

Incredibly Soft
Bamboo fabric is incredibly soft to your skin, it gives you more luxurious feel.

Bamboo fabric has antibacterial properties due to which it keeps the wearer safe from any of the harmful bacterias.

UV Protection
It cuts 97.5 % of harmful UV rays, so it could be perfect for holiday/travelling cover-ups.

Bamboo fabric is perfect choice for allergy prone skin. It is anti static and sits well next to your skin.

Moisture Wicking
The fabric absorbs moisture away from your skin, keeping drier.

Thermo Control
Bamboo fabric is warm, thanks to its hollow microfiber, yet it is also breathable. Performs in all temperatures.

Bamboo Clothing @
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