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When it comes to choosing high-visibility clothing and safety equipment OccuNomix is a brand that designs and manufacture products to protect the workers in the workplace from any of the accident, danger and discomforts in hot, cold or rainy environment. The brand’s product line helps the employees to give their best and keep them safe from injuries. Providing innovation in ergonomic support and prevention products, OccuNomix provides a wide variety of high visibility products such as jackets and coats, pants and rainwear, sweatshirts, T-shirts, vest, parkas, pullovers, caps and hats and much more in the safety equipment category. The brand is a leading supplier in heat stress prevention products such as cooling bandanas, cooling headbands, terry headbands, disposable sponge and cooling vests. OccuNomix hot rods protects workers from cold weather. Moreover the brand’s Vulcan hard hats and bump caps provide head protection in the workplace. OccuNomix offers support gloves that are perfect for the workplace and using worldwide by arthritis sufferers for hand pain relief. In short OccuNomix is the brand you can trust for purchasing the safety apparel and accessories for any work environment.

SpazeApparel.com offers an assorted collection of OccuNomix clothing line including T-shirt, vest, parka, jackets and pullover at the prices which will not drain your wallet. Some most selling styles from OccuNomix collection at SpazeApparel.com are OccuNomix-LSSETP-Birdseye Wicking T-Shirt, Class 3, OccuNomix-ECOGCBL-Value Mesh Five-Point Breakaway Vest, Class 2, OccuNomix-LUXTJC-Insulated Cold Weather Parka, Class 3, OccuNomix-ECOGL-Value Solid Vest, Class 2, OccuNomix-LETJBJR-Classic Three-Way Black Bottom Bomber Jacket, OccuNomix-LUXSSF-Premium Solid Dual Stripe Vest, Class 2, OccuNomix-ECOGCS-Value Mesh Surveyor Vest, OccuNomix-LUXETJ-Value Bomber Jacket, Class 3. SpazeApparel.com offers their customers markets most competitive prices on branded apparel and accessories. Other than OccuNomix you can also shop here American leading brands such as Gildan, Hanes, Fruit of the Loom and many more. The store offers free shipping on order of $175 and above. So place your order here and get your product at your doorstep with the fast shipping service.

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