Various Types of T Shirt Necklines
Nowadays t-shirt is an indispensable item for all closets and easy piece of clothing, no matter of age and gender everyone can wear it in all seasons and for every occasion. Whenever buying t-shirt few aspects are necessary to check in, like the fabric, t-shirt style, color and fit. Besides this one very important aspect is to check the neckline as it is a very important factor the comfort around your neck is imperative i.e pick the style within your comfort zone. Knowing the different styles of neckline will help you to find the perfect and comfortable style for you.

Crew neck
Crew neck is one of the most common and popular style in t-shirt. This style sits right under your neck for comfortable and smooth feel, it has a wider cut, which makes it much more comfortable as compared to other neckline styles. This is great for keeping you cool in the hot summer days and also a great basic piece for fall and winter it can be mix and match with a pair of jeans, trouser and lightweight jacket for a classy look.

Collar Neck
Collared shirts with buttons are most preferable known as polo shirt, these give you professional look and are very comfortable and stylish during sporting, on the golf course, at the office and also for casual wear. It will look as crisp and fresh as it was when you put it on, no matter for how long you wear the sports shirt. The best thing about using them is that all the time and effort spent in ironing and starching to rid the collar of the ugly 'dog-ears' and wilting can be avoided.

This neckline style has much more space around the neck, it forms pointed V shape and the size of the V vary from t-shirt to t-shirt. Most of the V-necks are shallow and settle close to the neck, while other Vs can be deep and extend few more inches. This style of V-neck t-shirt often paired with a tank top or Cami for a modern and stylish look.

Scoop Neck
This specific style of neck is basically used for ladies' t-shirts. The shape of scoop neck is wide and low, similar to the round neck line but larger and lower. This style frequently falls around or just beneath the wearer's clavicle. A few shirts may have an overstated scoop that can reach out to the edge of a woman’s  shoulder or go down her back. On the off chance that a scoop goes to low on you, match it with a Cami to make it more attractive, or more towards your usual range of comfort zone. Scoop neck offers flattering neck and it is very flexible for all seasons and occasions.

These are four basic styles of t-shirt neckline. You can find all above categories of t-shirts for men, women, children and infants from more than 50 Americas leading brands in a variety of colors and styles at competitive prices from the online store For further information,  please send us inquiries at

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