Quick fabric guide for quality and value

Knowing about the fabric is must for the wearer so that it can help them in picking the right fabric for the right season and occasion. Here we provide the definitive overview of the different types of fabrics.

Сotton fabrics show good durability and utility. It has non-allergenic natural fiber that prevents sensitive skin from irritation and suited perfectly for people with skin hyper sensibility. Cotton fabric has very good breathable characteristics, It has low thermal-conductivity, therefore it is best material for both summer and winter clothes as in summer it prevents your skin from harsh sun rays, and in winter it preserves the heat of your body. Cotton fabrics are easy to dye. Cotton fabrics is easy to print on, very low elasticity and can be washed easily. Price range of cotton fabric is usually cheap.

Cotton jersey
Cotton jersey knitted by machine from a fine cotton thread, this fabric is what t-shirts are made of. It’s stretchy and comfortable to wear, but not as easy to sew as woven fabric. It is light and flexible, yet warm and insulating. It is a popular choice for t-shirts and a variety of other clothing. One remarkable aspect of jersey is that it can be made from 100% cotton or from a cotton/polyester synthetic blend; it is the knit of the fabric that makes it unique.

Polyester is often used in outerwear, jackets and athletes wear because of its high tenacity and durability. It is a strong fiber therefore can withstand tough and repetitive movements. It is ideal for garments and jackets that are used in cold environments as hydrophobic property makes it perfect for coating the fabric with a water-resistant finish intensify this effect. It can be molded into any shape and has ability to retain its shape. Polyester is often used in pants, shirts, suits, and bed sheets either by itself or as a blend.

Linen is twice as strong as cotton, good strength and comfortable fabric. It is crisp, hand washable, well absorbent dyes, no static or pilling problems. Perfect for the summer clothes and tends to crease a lot and is often blended with cotton Can be quite expensive.

Rayon is created from naturally occurring polymers; it might be a really artificial fiber or completely a natural fiber. Rayon is known as the name viscose rayon and art silk in the textile industry. This fabric is soft, cool, comfortable and very good absorbent. Rayon is used in dresses, lingerie, suits, hats, scarves and socks.

Nylon is very much suitable for hosiery and the knitted fabrics because of its smoothness, light weight and high strength.

Acetate has Luxurious appearance, soft and comfortable with a wide range of colors, it has the ability to print and dyes well. Superb drape ability, no pilling problem, little static problem.

Spandex can be stretched repeatedly and return to its original size and shape. It is stronger, durable, lightweight, soft and smooth. Spandex provides comfort and prevents bagging and sagging. This fabric is used in garments where comfort and fits are the key requirement. This is mostly used in hosiery, exercise wear, bicycle pants, disposable diaper, bra cups, waist bands, bra straps and side panels.

Acrylic has excellent wick-ability & quick drying to move moisture from the body surface. Flexible aesthetics for wool-like, cotton-like, or blended appearance. Easily washed, retains shape, Resistant to moths, oil, and chemicals. Dye-able to bright shades with excellent fastness. Superior resistance to sunlight degradation. Acrylic Fiber Uses in fleece wear, Sweaters, socks, circular knit apparel, sportswear and children wear.

In addition to its plush softness and lustrous beauty, there are many advantages of silk fabric. Because of its natural protein structure, silk is the most hypoallergenic of all fabric. Silk is all climate fabric. It is warm and cozy in winter and cool when temperature rise. Silk is highly absorbent and dries rapidly. Absorbs sweat while letting your skin breathe. In spite of its sensitive appearance, silk is comparatively robust and its smooth surface resists soil and odors well.

Wool comes from a sheared sheep, it is strong, warm and durable. This fabric is wrinkle resistant, repels moisture fiber sheds water, retains its shape and size. It is comfortable for all seasons keep a layer of air next to the skin.

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